Reaching Your Son’s Heart



Reaching Your Son’s HeartA Heartwarming Story of Healing for Fathers and Sons is a fast-paced, emotion-charged, passion-filled family story, inspired by true stories which are primarily from young men at our camp. It opens with this gripping scene: A father’s ambition to climb the corporate ladder came to a screeching halt when he raised his garage door and found his son hanging from a rope. Quickly, Bradley Hudson, feels for a pulse, and his son Shawn, though not breathing, still has a pulsebeat. While frantically trying to release him from the noose, he thinks—Is this my fault? Then the scenes flashback through his son’s whole life, from his birth, to all the baseball games Brad never attended, to a massive fight between them, until Shawn has plunged into a cave of depression and now has tried to hang himself. Suddenly, Bradley changes from a highly driven, ambitious agnostic, who neglects his family, to a father who is desperate to reach his depressed and angry son. While attending a Father’s Day Retreat, Bradley is able to finally forgive his own abusive alcoholic father, which has been the driving force behind his family neglect. After struggling with his own anger toward God, Brad finally gives his life to Christ, and he learns the power of asking his son’s forgiveness, the value of affirming his son as a man, and the necessity of a father’s blessing. This story is actually a parable of the massive cultural upheaval in American families today. It mirrors the crisis between fathers and sons, showing scenes of depression and suicide and anger and school shootings. But it brings answers to the issues with forgiveness and love and fathers blessing their sons, and above all, faith in Christ. Also available on Amazon Kindle

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