Frequently Asked Questions

What is School of the Cross?

School of the Cross is a virtual Bible School dedicated to examining the pure gospel of Jesus Christ crucified. Its teachings are from founder Dr. Sandy Kirk.

Who is Dr. Sandy?

Dr. Sandy has an earned Master of Science in Secondary Education from North Texas State University, a Master of Arts in Theology and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies (Theology and Missions) from Fuller Theological Seminary. She taught seven courses at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry as well as in colleges, universities, and pastor’s conferences all over the world.  For the past 20 years, she has run a Revival Camp and Retreat Center teaching on the cross. People have come from all over the US as well as Canada, India, Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, Mauritius, and more to receive her teachings on the cross. Their lives have been completely changed and set on fire for God. She has written 27 books that are all on the cross of Jesus and show how it applies to different areas of our lives.

Why Should I Take These Classes?

It is vital for every believer to understand the depths of what Jesus did on the cross.  Dr. Sandy says, “I have had hundreds of people say they never knew anything about the Father’s cup, which Jesus drank on the cross, and yet, it is all through Scripture.  And once you see it, everything will change.” Dr. Sandy wants to take her decades of studying theology and bring you what is often overlooked, yet most important. You could go to a Bible school, a seminary, or university and never get the full understanding of what Jesus did for you. We want to offer you the most vital, life-changing, teachings at a fraction of the cost and in a simple format that you can do in your own timing.

Why a Virtual School?

Not everyone can come to one of our retreats to hear this dynamic message of the Father’s cup, so we have decided to launch this virtual school to reach as many people as possible.