What is Our Vision?

We invite you to become part of a virtual school and community which is completely saturated with the presence of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our big dream is to shake the world with the truth of the gospel, and to bring “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” back to the center of His church (1 Cor. 2:2). Above all, we want to bring Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, the reward of His suffering. 


What You Will Receive:

You will receive solid, cross-centered, biblical teaching presented to you online. The first two classes are “How the Cross Heals Your Wounds” and “Do You Tremble?: The Glory and Power of the Cross,” which focuses on Jesus Christ and Him crucified and the Father’s cup. Next will come a course entitled “The World’s Greatest Gospel Preachers,” which unfolds stories and biographies of Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, Steve Hill, John Kilpatrick, and many more.

As part of our program, you will attend several retreats, giving you experience in ministering to various age groups. These retreats are held at our mission’s base at the former home of Evangelist Steve Hill of the Brownsville Revival. During the retreats, we will all attend Pastor John Kilpatrick’s church who was the pastor of the Brownsville Revival.

Format of Our Classes:

Our classes consist of video lessons released every Monday, which you can do at any time during the week. There will be required reading from the digital book(s) which you receive when you sign-up for a course. Be sure to complete the work within the week so that you won’t get behind. There will also be fill-in-the-blank worksheets to help you with note-taking, a few short essays on the books, and a final paper. (Dr. Sandy and other staff members will work with you to help you make a good grade).

Mission Teams:

We will be planning a mission trip to a Third World Nation such as Kenya, Uganda, or Nicaragua. One of our goals is to raise up mission teams to do mission work in Third World Nations. The cost will be separate, depending on airfare and location.

Cost and Dates of Retreats:

$849. This includes 3 additional days of ministry training and 5 days of the Glory of the Lamb Retreat, where you will help minister. Price includes tuition, books, lodging, meals, and local transportation. For SOTC students to receive credit, there will be a book to read and paper to write.

Our special ministry training for SOTC students will start 3 days before general public arrives, with all accommodations included. This will be a time of getting to know one another in a real-life setting. Above all, it will be a time of training in how to apply the cross to wounded hearts. You will put this into practice at the “Glory of the Lamb” retreat (which follows the training). There will also be times of prayer and preparation for how you will help minister during the retreat.

The First Founder’s Class:

If you join this first year, you will have the distinction of being a member of the first Founder’s Class for School of the Cross.


Course One: “How the Cross Heals Your Wounds”

(Christian Counseling)

We have found that before we can take a deep dive into the cross of Jesus and His wounds, we need to first let Him heal your wounds. This course will show you how to apply the power of the cross to your wounded heart as well as the wounds of others. You’ll discover that it really is true—“By His wounds we are healed” (Is. 53:5).


Course Two: The Glory and Power of the Cross.

Do You Tremble?

This course is what sets The School of the Cross apart from other Bible schools.

Dr. Sandy will take you into the Garden, on the night before Jesus’ crucifixion, to see Him wrestling with God in prayer. Why does He sweat great drops of blood? What are the contents of the Father’s cup? How can looking into this blazing cup make such a difference in your personal life? Why have hundreds of students through the years said their hearts were pierced with a new passion for Jesus when they looked into the cup? This course will answer those questions and more.

“Glory of the Lamb Retreat”

SCHOOL OF THE CROSS (SOTC) STUDENTS will arrive 3 days earlier than the general public for special sessions. SOTC students will come to the camp three days early for fellowship and ministry training. You will receive school credits for attending, participating in ministry, completing course-work, reading a short book, and writing a paper. The cost for this retreat is $849, which includes tuition, all meals, lodging, books, and teachings; but SOTC students will have an extra three days. It will be held on our mission base at Camp America Ablaze, 12251 County Rd. 91, Lillian, AL 36549.

The “Glory of the Lamb” Retreat will be the highlight of our year! It will be a special time for all SOTC students to come together with others who are hungry for Jesus and who will also be attending. The Holy Spirit has always been so gracious to meet us during our retreats. You will encounter Him in ways we cannot quite experience in a virtual school. This is where you will probably receive a heart-piercing revelation of the Lamb. You will be filled even more with the Holy Spirit, and God will use you to get experience in “hands-on ministry” by praying for others. More information about the retreat will be coming soon on our ministry website:

Requirements for SOTC Students to receive credits for attending the retreat:
We want you to come with a heart for ministry, being ready to pray for people as needed. If Dr. Sandy feels you need more healing, we will ask you to receive rather than give.
1. You will need to read the book, The Glory of the Lamb, and write a one page summary of the book.
2. You will write an 5 page paper on your experiences at the camp. Keep this in your folder.



Course Three: “The World’s Greatest Gospel Preachers” Part 1:


(Secrets of the World’s Greatest Gospel Preachers)

Each class will take you into the stories of the world’s greatest Gospel preachers. From Paul to Martin Luther to Jonathan Edwards to George Whitefield, to John Wesley, and Charles Spurgeon, you will discover their unheard stories. All of these great evangelicals show us why THE GOSPEL MUST BE RESTORED to our teaching and preaching today! Dr Sandy’s new book, Pierced to the Heart by the Gospel, will be the backbone of this course. Pastor John Kilpatrick said: “I have never read any other author who is as passionate as Dr. Sandy when it comes to the subject of the blood of Jesus Christ. Her new book, Pierced to the Heart by the Gospel, is her passion on paper. Every page bleeds!”

Course Four: “The World’s Greatest Gospel Preachers” Part 2:


(Secrets of the World’s Greatest Preachers)
This is Part 2 of our Gospel Course. You will hear stories of Billy Graham in America and his breakthrough into the communist world; Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda in their quest to see a blood-washed Africa. You will also learn about the prayer saturated preaching of John Kilpatrick and the Gospel soaked preaching of Steve Hill in the Brownsville Revival.

You will further learn how God used Nathan Morris’ Gospel preaching to launch the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. Finally, you will see how God is using the young revivalists of our day as they lead us into the great harvest of souls in a whole new Third Great Awakening. We hope to see you becoming one of these harvest revivalists. This will bring a glorious Reformation of the Gospel in America and all the world!


(At our base on the campgrounds of Camp America Ablaze in Alabama)
This is for men only. Dads, bring your sons; Sons, bring your dads for a tremendous 5 days of fun, food, and deeper healing of your relationship.

“Behold the Lamb Camp” for families, youth, and young adults

More details coming soon to